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An Australian family owned company focused on providing new, innovative and cost effective products. We are committed to be the industry leader though continued support and education. We are passionate and driven by your voice to supply the quality products you demand.

Our Story

Tomident was started as a family business with the aim of bringing quality service and customer experience values back to a flooded corporate industry. We are committed to focus on you the customer and listening to your feedback about the products you demand from around the world.

With over 100 years combined industry experience we believe our team is able to effectively support you and your team.

Our current success is only possible with the support of the customers and we continue to grow our range with your guidance.


Thank you for visiting our online Store if you have any further questions on any of our products please see the key team members below and their respective contact details.




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Dr Varayini Yoganathan Endodontist BDS, DClinDent (Endo)

Tomident have revolutionised the choice of products available in the Australian market. Before their arrival I felt restricted in accessing quality products without having to pay exorbitant prices for endodontic gear. They have successfully brought key pieces of equipment that were in the past only available overseas to the Australian market. Their sales team are excellent to work with, and will provide training and support even after product purchases. I would recommend them highly if you are considering purchasing endodontic products.

Dr Harry Mohan BDSc DCD (Melb)

I’ve dealt with Brent, Nik and the team from Tomident since their inception and have been really impressed with their business. I’ve confidently referred a number of colleagues and friends to them and whilst everyone is happy with the product line, they are even more impressed with the quick, clear communication and the dedicated customer service. The entry of a fresh, local, high-quality dental supply company has been a big win for dentistry in Australia.

Dr Deepak Chellappa BDS DClinDent(Otago)

‘I continue to be a very happy customer of Tomident and highly recommend their range of consumables and endodontic equipment. They continue to supply the latest endodontic equipment available from Europe/Asia at reasonable prices. I also cannot speak more highly of their customer service and depth of knowledge of their products.’

Dr Ashraf Badrulhisham BDS (Qld)

“I just wanted to share a quick note about the E-Connect S Endo motor & apex locator. During my early years in the profession, I have always been floating around as a locum covering multiple clinics. Each practice has their own rotary systems so I would get mixed results. Eventually, I decided that it would be a good idea to invest into my own system to maintain systematic results.

After asking around, a close friend of mine recommended the E-Connect S. Initially, I had the impression that it will work like any other rotary systems I have used in the past. But after using it for the past couple of months, I am baffled by the results I have been getting at work. This fine piece of machinery takes endodontic treatment to a whole new level. The apex locator works wonders and the motor itself slithers into the canal with ease. I used to dislike endodontic appointments, but now I enjoy every moment of it. I would like to thank Adrianna & the Tomident team for supplying this product. Very happy with the purchase and will definitely look into purchasing other products that they have on offer.

Thank you Tomident!”