Portable X Ray system HyperLight with optional shield


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Dental X-Ray units are the most important equipment in dentistry in order to treat the patients with more efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Hyperlight portable X-Ray machine is compact in size and its portable nature helps you to use it in a comfortable manner.

Moreover, this unit is highly ensured with safety standards owing to its minimum exposure time.

Fully adjustable setting to be used with all Xray sensors and Plate systems.

TGA approved

Smart angulation system
Lightweight, cordless, one-handed operation
Long lasting battery, taking 500 x-ray shots on a single battery charge
Excellent image quality with 0.4mm focal spot
Internal leaded double shield protects the operator
Low patient dosage, TGA & FDA approved.

Model: Hyper light
Focal Spot: 0.4mm
Tube Voltage: 65kV
Tube Current: 2.5mA
Weight: 1.8 kg
Battery: : 2500mAh x 4
Exposure Time Setting: 0.02-2 Sec
Charger Input: 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz

1 x HyperLight Portable DC X-Ray Machine
1 x Optional protection shield