Extreme Endodontic motor

Extreme Endodontic motor


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E-Xtreme Endodontic Motor

Our newest endo motor from Eighteeth. Probably the smallest and lightest endo motor available on the market. Works with both rotary and reciprocating files.

Adjustable in all settings including rotation speed, torque, and direction but Smaller, Lighter, and Quieter than ever.

Main Features:

  • Miniature contra-angle for better visibility & easier posterior access.
  • Slim and compact design for maximum comfort and mobility.
  • 360° contra-angle rotation.


  • Only 92 grams (with battery, without c/a).
  • Reducing hand fatigue during treatment.


  • Eighteeth innovative brushless motor.
  • Cutting down the noise from inside.

Reciprocating/Rotary modes:

  • Five reciprocating modes for reciprocating file systems: FWD
  • Modes M1-M9: Nine editable memory modes adjustable in speed, torque and direction


Rotational Speed Range - 120-650 RPM

Torque Range - 0.5-4.0 N.cm

Rechargeable battery -800 mAh

Charger -USB-C type charger

Memory modes:

Five reciprocating modes (Fwd/Rev angles): 30°/150°, 150°/30°, 180°/30°, 210°/30°, 250°/30°.
M1-M9: Nine editable memory rotary modes adjustable in speed, torque and direction

Built-in file system