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  • Suitable viscosity and flowability for post cementation and core build-up
  • Dual Curing: Light Curing and selfcuring are possible, stress free from polimerisation falure of resin
  • Biocompatibility (ISO10993)
  • Easy to mix by auto mixing, direct injection intra oral and endo type tips
  • Radiopaque
  • 3 Shades - Tooth, White for ceramic restoration, Blue for Metal restoration
  • Similar cuttability like dentine (Flexural modulus : NexCore 14.2GPa)



  • Post Adhesions and core build-up in restorations



Shade Tooth, White, Blue


Dual Syringe Kit

  • 2 X NexCore Dual Core 9g paste
  • 20 X Auto-Mix tips
  • 10 X Intra-Oral tips
  • 10 X Endo Tips


Dual Syringe Refill

  • 1 X NexCore 9g Dual Syringe





NexCore Dual-cured core build-up Meterial