MTA Rotary Compactor 6pk

OrthoMTA Compacter OrthoMTA Compacter® features and benefits Developed to be used with BioFilling Technique, OrthoMTA Compacter® has been designed for practioners who look for a complete apical plug formation to deal with any type of canal with maximum safety. The 7 OrthoMTA Compacter® Rules

• Instrument has to be used only at 60 rpm.

• Never force onto the OrthoMTA Compacter®.

• Before engaging one file, canal has to be humidified with PBS. (Phosphate Buffered Solution)

• Clean your file just after use.

• OrthoMTA Compacter® should be used at a constant and stable speed 60 rpm.

• Instruments can be used with an independent electric motor as well as directly on the dental chair unit with a high gear reduction rate contra angle.

• In any case, it is highly recommended to use devices with both speed, and torque controls. OrthoMTA Compacter® Details:

• Available Lengths 21mm, 25mm OrthoMTA Compacter® Sterilization

• Autocalving before use OrthoMTA Compacter® Storage

• storage in room temperature



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