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©2020 by Tomident

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Hands On Endodontic Workshop Sydney

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To Secure your place and Join Dr Humza Ahmed & Dr Deepak Chellappa for a comprehensive hands-on course to exorcise your clinical endodontic demons.


Our day course is centred at achieving predictability and removing the fear from your day-to-day clinical endodontics.   


Hands-on Endodontic Day Course

Little Shop of Horrors – Endodontic Edition

Friday the 13th of November – 2020

Dr Humza Ahmed & Dr Deepak Chellappa


9 am

1.            Endodontic armamentarium: Efficient and stress-free endo starts here

a.            Equipment – Endo handpieces, ultrasonic’s, x-ray holders, probes, mirrors

b.            Consumables – files, burs, NaOCl, EDTA, dam, clamps etc.

c.            Set-up – It’s all about ergonomics and availability. Everything should be within reach.           

d.            Radiography - How to analyse radiographs? How to visualise your access cavity preparation, Calcified canals, Dilacerated canals? Pulp stones within pulp chambers. Identifying possible difficulties in the case to reduce anxiety during the preparation appointment.


2.            Morphology, treatment planning and endodontic access

a.            Morphology + access + canal location (Anteriors, premolars, molars, unusual anatomical case – Dens/taurodonts/radix). Troughing for MB2

b.            Dentine conservation – Comes back to TX planning and the right tools.


3.            Chemo-mechanical preparation: Achieving predictability

a.            Working length – Apex locator and how to use it predictably

b.            Glide path – Reduce your risk of transportation and avoiding file fracture

c.            Shaping (calcified canals, objectives, crown down, taper and size, NiTi, curved canals and narrow roots, iatrogenic errors, recapitulation)

d.            Irrigation and adjuncts (PUI / Sonic / Manual)


10:30 am

4.            Morning tea (30 MINS)


10:45 am

5.            Hands on: Preparing and disinfection – Demo on projector

a.            Accessing into anterior teeth, premolars and molars (upper and lower)



6.            Lunch (1 HOUR)



7.            Root canal obturation

a.            Sealers + GP cones

b.            Equipment – pluggers/spreaders

c.            CLC -

d.            Warm vertical – It’s all about the cone fit and using the right gear

e.            Sealer puff? Is it a good thing?

8.            Hands on: root canal obturation – Demo on projector



9.            Afternoon Tea – (30 MINS)


3:15 pm

10.         MTA and CSCs

a.            Stepwise caries removal. 

b.            Direct pulp capping

c.            Perforation repairs

d.            Open apex


11.         Hands on: Mixing MTA/CSC and applying it for pulp capping purposes.


12.         Outcomes

a.            Primary vs re-TX

b.            SVT vs MVT


5 pm – 5:30pm

13.         Final Questions


Covid-19 Safety:


Course is strictly limited to 12 Clinicians per group. Tomident endeavors to and will request participants to follow NSW Covid-safe guidelines.

    COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open and shipping