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Experience improved therapy and procedural efficiency with the lightweight, cordless EndoUltra®, the only battery-powered ultrasonic activator.


Witness the power of ultrasonics
  • Disrupt biofilm and improve bacterial kill
  • Improve debridement and smear layer removal


The keys to optimal canal cleanliness
  • Acoustic streaming
  • Cavitation


Use with NEW, ENHANCED Activator Tips - highly durable titanium, increased flexibility, and increased power.
Efficient - better cleansing in less time!
Effective - better penetration of irrigants throughout canal!
Ultrasonic - better acoustic streaming with cavitation!
Kit Includes:
(1) Cordless handpiece
(3) Activator tips - 20/02
(3) Autoclavable handpiece sleeves
(100) Protective Barriers
(1) Tip Wrench
(1) Charger

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“I find EndoUltra® to be extremely useful in the practice of endodontics. It is light weight, small and very easy to operate. The most important aspect in endodontics is to remove tissue and debris. With this unit I am able to reach far down the canal to activate NaOCl, EDTA, and other solutions I use during cleansing and shaping. I am very happy with this unit.”
- Dr. Daniel M. Janowski, D.D.S. Elmwood Park, IL


"The EndoUltra is an excellent piece of equipment. It fulfills expectations in that it does what it says it does. It is easy to use and is effective in providing ultrasonic irrigation of prepared root canals. The tips can be used many times over resulting in a cost saving. I can recommend it for any dentist who is serious about doing root canals to a high standard." 
- Dr. Tony Druttman, M.Sc. B.Sc. B.Ch.D.
  London, England

"EndoUltra blends the cordless convenience and the proven adjunctive method of canal cleansing. Once you go Ultra, you won't accept anything less." 
- Dr. Tung Bui, DDS, FICD, Tuscon, AZ

"EndoUltra offers the most convenient method to deliver passive ultrasonic irrigation. Right weight, portable, ergonomic, efficient, and re-chargeable-what's not to like?"
- Dr. Joeseph D. Maggio, DDS. Lisle, IL

"I use the EndoUltra unit with NaOCl to disinfect the canals. I am happy with it compared to other units such as EndoActivator®”
- Jamshid Faghih DDS.
Bellevue, WA




Maintenance / Disinfection

  • Cover EndoUltra® with disposable protective barrier.
  • Autoclave EndoUltra® Activator tips and handpiece sleeve at 135°C / 0.22 Mpa for 30 minutes.
  • Clean handpiece with a simple disinfectant wipe.
  • Monitor battery level indicator

Frequently Asked Questions:

® Activator Tips are designed for repeated use, we estimate and recommend 20 uses per tip. At a minimum of 80 procedures per month replacing the tips at the end of each work week or every 20 procedures would be suggested. The Activator Tips are bendable to facilitate greater access. With continual bending the tip may wear at the bend joint, this will be an easily visible wear on the tip and should be replaced when this is visualized.

The battery used in the device is a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. The first charge is the most important and requires a 4-hour burn in. The device, like a cell phone, can be plugged in whenever not in use following the initial charge. At full charge the battery will last just over an hour of continuous run time.
Considering the active run time is 60 seconds per canal this is more than enough time for a couple of days to a week worth of procedures.


EndoUltra Ultrasonic Activator by Vista