Eighteeth E-Pex Pro Apex Locator

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E-Pex Pro - Smart, Compact, Clear Apex Locator
Compact and stable design allows for excellent flexibility during procedures.
Based on advanced multiple frequency network impendance measurementtechnology and automatic calibrating ensures consistent accuracy.OLED display ensures bright and clear screen.

Apex Locator Conected Features:

Auto start-stop, Motor automatically starts when file reaches canal and auto stop when exits the canal
Apical reverse/stop: Automatic reverse/stop when approaching apical.
Apical torque reduction: Auto torque reduction when approaching apical.

Model: E-Pex ProBattery: 1600mAhAdaptor: AC100-240v,50/60HzDimensions: 95x65x20mmScreen: 3.5”LCD


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