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©2020 by Tomident

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DLyte Co/Cr & Titanium Electropolishing

New patented machine for grinding and polishing stainless-steel and chrome cobalt alloys for dental industry. Available for all types of dental skeletals, spacers, implants and orthodontics brackets.


Why Choose DryLyte®

      1) GRINDING AND POLISHING IN ONE STEP​ From cast to mirror-finishing polishing in just one step. Completely automated process.


      2) BIG TIME SAVINGS An optimal performance is achieved, due to a high energy extracting process. At same time, the whole process is carried out using the same machine, reducing the waiting and preparation time. It is even possible to process 9 pieces simultaneously.


      3) POLISH COMPLEX PARTS WITHOUT DISASSEMBLING THEM The polishing action reaches every corner of the piece, so it can process inner cavities which can not be accessed mechanically.


      4) NON-CONDUCTIVE MATERIALS WILL NOT BE AFFECTED Pieces can be processed with the resine bonded to the skeletal, which will not be affected and maintaining their original properties. The dielectric parts are unaffected by the process.


      5) MAINTAINS THE GEOMETRY OF THE PIECE The process, unlike mechanical ones, does not rounds edges, and can penetrate in all dead zones. These attributes, along with the extraction performance, allows for the creation of new designs, which would not have been feasible until now.


      6) LOW LOSS RATE The process achieves the highest polishing quality with minimal removal of material.


      7) EXPERTISE IS NOT REQUIRED The process, being fully automated, does not require any specialized labor. It also enables the industrialization of pieces by removing the differences between them.


      8) LOW MAINTENANCE AND CONSUMABLES COSTS The treatment process does not require any abrasive items, which prevents a constant expenditure on consumables.


      9) ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: No environmentally harmful materials are used during the polishing process.



     Dental Series Models starting from just $47,500 plus gst


     Chrome series

     1D 1 piece per cycle 

     10D 3 piece per cycle

     100D 9 piece per cycle


     Titanium series

     1T 1 piece per cycle

     10T 3 piece per cycle

     100T 9 piece per cycle


     Chrome and Titanium series

     1D+T 1 piece per cycle

     10D+T 3 piece per cycle

     100D+T 9 piece per cycle
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