BlueCast Dental Model resin 1kg

BlueCast LCD/DLP Dental Gray - 1 kg

Castable: Not recommended without Z4 universal dental investment available in our online store.

Applications: Dental Model ,Rapid prototyping or Vulcanised mould making

Compatible with: all LCD printers like Cr3ator, Phrozen, Phrozen XL, Wanaho D7, Anycubic 3d, Micromake L2, X-Cube, Xayav V etc. (405 nm) and  DLP printers like as Tiger, Moonray, Makex etc.

Washing mode: Ethyl / IPA alcohol 3 min _ Drying with compressed air

UV cure: 10 min.

Shrinkage: Negligible

Tank bottom: FEP

Color: Light Gray

Size: 1 kg


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