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BlueCast is an Italian brand that produces high quality resins for 3D printers. BlueCast resins are made for professional users and jewelry market. Our castable resin is "probably the best in the world". The burnout is clean, the residue after the burn is under 0.3% and the expansion is absent. You have just to try it.

The BC is compatible with Formlabs.
BC low shrinkage S is a new castable resin for Uniz Slash+ , suitable for micropavè, engravings, filigree, engagement ring, dental works and in all cases when extreme accuracy is required.

The main features are:
Very low shrinkage
High Accuracy
Minimal residue after burnout process (0.003%)
Low-exhaust emission during the burnout process
Virtually no expansion of resin during burnout process
Very low deformation post-printing
Exceptional hand workability
High definition of details and consistency of surfaces
Remarkable definition of micro-incisions and micro-reliefs, including the ability to create watermarks with a minimum thickness of 0.2mm

Uniz Slash + BlueCast 3d Printing Resin

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