Biofilling MTA Carrier Kit

Re Usable MTA Carrier 

Disposable tips 


Items included in the Biofilling Starter Kit
- OrthoMTA Carrier
- Plugger OMP-03
- Compactor 21mm & 25mm
- Bender
- K-file
- Distilled water
- Plunger 18g, 16g
- Needle Tip 18g , Needle Tip 16g
- Resin Block
- OrthoMTA 0.2g x 4 vials
- Cotton Bud



OrthoMTA has a fine granularity of only 2 microns. It penetrates into dental tubules and fuses itself to the surface where it is applied. In addition it prevents micro-leakage by forming an interfacing layer of hydroxyapatite (Hap) between the OrthoMTA and the canal wall. Furthermore, it exhibits a bioactive characteristic: it releases Calcium ions through the apical foramen and neutralizes the apical portion of the root. Thus forming an interfacial hydoxyapatite layer (Hap) and releasing Calcium ions which induce regeneration of the apical peridontium.


The OrthoMTA grafting system means:

  • reduced manual work
  • no micro-leakage or waste of material
  • and last but not least, incredibly good prognoses.


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