Universal Vat Heater for 3D Printer

Universal Vat Heater for 3D Printer


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Product Code: RESINHEAT

Flexible Ceramic Heater with digital Thermo-controller.

Universal design to mount on many popular 3D Printers.

Designed to heat a Metal Vat to maintain temperature during prints.

Heating the resin help to reduce the viscosity of resin.

Easy to use, Ceramic heater

530mm of Velcro can be cut down to size.

Use a Paperclip to mount thermometer probe inside resin for accurate resin temperature.

Able to use it on multiple printers, thanks to the universal design.

Plug and play

Suits VAT circumference sizes from 530mm to 1000mm

Not to be used on plastic or thermoplastic Vats or 3D Printers.