Endo Starter Package

Endo Starter Package


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Endo Starter Package

1x Extreme Endo motor

1x Ultra X Irrigant Activator

1x E-Pex Apex Locator

E-Xtreme Endodontic Motor

Our newest endo motor from Eighteeth. Probably the smallest and lightest endo motor available on the market. Works with both rotary and reciprocating files.

Adjustable in all settings including rotation speed, torque, and direction but Smaller, Lighter, and Quieter than ever.

Main Features:

  • Miniature contra-angle for better visibility & easier posterior access.
  • Slim and compact design for maximum comfort and mobility.
  • 360° contra-angle rotation.


  • Only 92 grams (with battery, without c/a).
  • Reducing hand fatigue during treatment.


  • Eighteeth innovative brushless motor.
  • Cutting down the noise from inside.

Reciprocating/Rotary modes:

  • Five reciprocating modes for reciprocating file systems: FWD
  • Modes M1-M9: Nine editable memory modes adjustable in speed, torque and direction


Rotational Speed Range - 120-650 RPM

Torque Range - 0.5-4.0 N.cm

Rechargeable battery -800 mAh

Charger -USB-C type charger

Memory modes:

Five reciprocating modes (Fwd/Rev angles): 30°/150°, 150°/30°, 180°/30°, 210°/30°, 250°/30°.
M1-M9: Nine editable memory rotary modes adjustable in speed, torque and direction

Built-in file system


Ultra XCordless endodontic ultrasonic activator

The ultimate tool for Activation, GP removal & Instrument retrieval

Uses 45kHz ultrasonic frequencies which utilise the principle of acoustic microstreaming, agitation, and cavitation to reach difficult to instrument areas of the root canal system.

-45kHz ultrasonic frequency

-Variable Frequency Control

-Self-adjusting frequency during treatment

-Powerful battery 1500 mAh

-Lightweight (95g)

-Torque wrench, protective sleeves, and tips are autoclavable

-3 packs of 2 activator tips included:

Blue: Bendable tip for activation of irrigants in curved root canals & removal of GP during re-treatment.
Silver: soft & flexible tip for activation of irritants in challenging curved canals.
Gold: super-powerful titanium tip for retrieval of instruments separated in the canal.

Tips sizes:

Blue: Length: 18mm, Size: 20/2% and 25/2% (1 each)
Silver: Length: 21mm, Size: 20/2% (2 of)
Gold: Length: 18mm, Size: 20/2% and 25/2% (1 each)

Irrigation Protocol Using Ultra X

1. Prepare the root canal to the desired taper

2. Use a side-vented needle to inject the final rinse solution into the canal

3. Cover the device with the protective sleeve to avoid surface damages

4. Select an activator tip that fits passively when placed 2-3 mm short of working length

5. Agitate the solution using short vertical strokes for around 30 seconds. Be careful to not breach the apical 2 mm

6. Replenish the irrigant and use suction to remove loose debris

7. Repeat the agitation and replenishment cycle for 4-5 times

User manual:


VideoActivation Retreatment, Floor Perforation, GP removal using Ultra X:

E-Pex Pro Apex Locator

  • Bright LCD with colour coded measurements
  • After the file reaches the frontage area of the apical foramen, the screen displays the white indicated strips
  • After the file reaches the point near by the apical foramen, the screen displays the green indicated strips
  • After the screen light the red indicated strips, it means that the file has exceeded the apical foramen, a quick beep sound will be generated at the similar time
  • Changeable keys and alarm volume


  • 4th Generation - Highly developed multi-frequency based network impedance measurement technology.
  • LCD Display - Bright and clear display.
  • Apical foramen of High precision localization in wet and dry canals.
  • Automatic calibration - Ensures steady and correct measurements.
  • Stable design and compact size allows for outstanding suppleness during procedures.